TATIC is a global company that offers diverse solutions and services in Information Technology and Communication, in the areas of Software Development, Testing Factory, Consulting, Outsourcing and Billing Systems, with a focus on BSCS (Telecommunications).


For over 15 years offering services and solutions focused on the telecommunications segment, TATIC expands its operations, also serving the financial and utilities segments with a differentiated portfolio, focused on the strategic areas within the organizations.

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4 de August de 2017

IT Capacity Planning

Any production system that wants a demand boost needs capacity planning – from a small shoe factory to Facebook. This is also true for IT systems. In this case, the process evaluates whether the software, hardware, and equipment will suffice to support an increase in the volume of processed information. Maximum supported capacity Knowing well the capacity of a company’s service makes the decision to whether or not expand the services more assertive. Thus, the increase in demands does not pose high risks. The danger goes beyond the possibility that the current structure might not meet the new volume of […]
26 de July de 2017

Why is it important to keep systems up-to-date within companies?

Security failures related to outdated components are responsible for 92% of the critical infrastructure vulnerabilities in Brazilian companies. The data are from iBLISS’ 2016 Threat Report, which evaluated over 70 companies in various sectors, from e-commerce to large telecom operators. Every day, thousands of malicious codes are developed to examine vulnerabilities in software. New versions released by developers bring updates that address these glitches or introduce additional security features. A Fiesp study shows that 65% of cyber attacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, especially because this type of business opts for non-genuine software in an attempt to cut […]