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A data-technology specialized company,TATIC was born in 2003 in the TIC and telecommunications market in Brazil. Today it has branches in Colombia and Ecuador.
Our solutions meet the needs of organizations of various sizes and segments. Telecom companies, enterprises and institutions in sectors such as Finances, Insurance and Retail business experience successful partnerships with TATIC, transforming their data into valuable assets for their business.

Being genuinely Latin-American, TATIC matches a global vision and multidisciplinary expertise with understanding the local characteristics of the markets where it works. Its command of each segment and of key transversal concepts for varied industries enables assertive responses to the data challenges faced by organizations
in every sector.

High level innovative solutions and a committed and close partner. Experience, flexibility, safety, technology, methodology and a first-class team of specialists. That’s how TATIC supports your business in the continuous data-driven journey and in the speeding up of results, with more and better decisions based on data.


An incomparable cost-benefit ratio technology for treating, storing and applying big data volumes, BSCS billing processes and for expanding the operational and strategic use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.
There are services, platforms, consulting and specialized units which have a significant impact on each client’s business, in strategic, financial and intelligent data use terms.


Comprehending the several aspects of data challenges, their reality, their segment and performance area, TATIC’s solutions bring multiple benefits: more efficiency and data intelligence; better decision-making; cost and failure reduction; optimization of investments, time and human resources; operational efficiency, higher customer retention, capture and loyalty, besides process enhancement, better know-how for the team and technical improvements such as the upgrading of data architecture and information availability.


TATIC’s team counts on professionals with high technical knowledge, in tune with the market and technological evolution. It gets deeply involved with each client, their needs and goals: a close relationship committed with performance and results.

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