Claro Colombia Case Study

Claro Colombia Case Study2021-02-25T16:41:23-03:00

The data efficiency revolution that saved US$ 5 million

Claro Colombia currently has 35 million mobile and fixed lines and handles 3TB of data incorporated into its systems per day and a 30% growth in data traffic per year.

With specific and complex needs for storing and searching for voice traffic information, roaming, long-distance, events, billing, and services, the company needs to have information available and accessible with agility to support internal processes, customer service, and compliance with legislation.

With the partnership with Tatic, Claro Colombia continuously overcomes challenges related to storage, access, data availability, and security – in addition to advancing in reducing storage costs and opening information for exploration in other applications and by users.


  • Evolution of compaction rates from 40% to 90%, with a 50% reduction in storage volume
  • Efficient data management on storage
  • Infrastructure optimization with a 40% cost reduction
  • Speed of storage and search for information
  • Rapid reconciliation of different sources of information with consistency between different databases.
  • Support for technology processes that require real-time information


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