From real business problems to exponential results.

Alice is a solution that integrates technology, services and methodology to respond to business challenges from data.

Combining deep cross-industry experience, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, Alice aligns data strategy with the organization’s strategy. Thus, it generates actionable knowledge – to make decisions and to develop and implement effective actions, accelerating the solution of challenges connected to the objectives of each company. A fully data driven approach, focused on business performance and exponential results.

Alice is an accessible artificial intelligence platform, designed to optimize your business, working both for the company as a whole and for specific products or areas.


  • Align data strategy with organization strategy.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence into strategy and day-to-day of the business
  • Accelerate the identification, management and resolution of business challenges
  • Give more power and value as decisions
  • Anticipate and improve data-driven actions
  • Maximize use of data from different sources with deep, dynamic analytics
  • Transforming data into an applied strategic intelligence asset
  • Improve processes in line with your goals
  • Reduce costs and optimize investments, with decoupled and open source tooling framework
  • More knowledge to increase and generate profitability


It all starts with aligning the data strategy with the business strategy: Alice tracks the identification of the right business questions, which are connected to each company’s most important challenges.

This allows a clear view of the priority and highest impact situations – and which are not always the most obvious – to define the most effective work roadmap for solving problems, taking advantage of opportunities and progressively improving results…

The definition of the most relevant business questions:

  • It favors the identification of the best ways to generate knowledge: methodology, approach, deliverables, use of available data, required analyzes
  • Ensures that the organization can activate assertive and direct actions with the insights
  • Enables efforts to focus on the most favorable aspects in terms of investment and action potential
Alinhamento Estratégico


Alice installs artificial intelligence for business, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics in your hands, and at the service of your company’s results, based on a robust methodology that completely integrates the solution to your technological, operational and, above all, strategic reality.

Alice’s resources and specialists focus on the solution’s adherence to your business objectives and on the applicability of the generated knowledge. This is actionable knowledge, which accelerates the resolution of challenges, supporting decision-making and the implementation of actions.


Alice is an innovative, 100% open source and decoupled platform. Can be implemented using customer components or components from leading analytics service providers, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Databricks, IBM Watson, etc., and is not restricted to just one type of database or a specific technology. 

Data can come from a variety of sources – call center, CRM, ERP, external sources and more. From there, the best management, artificial intelligence and analytics technologies such as PostgreSQL, Python, H2O.AI and others are applied to receive data and assess its quality, model objectives, develop and improve predictive models, optimize corrective actions, define and execute actions (including in an automated way).


Over time, actions take place and new data are generated. Alice continually learns by bringing new insights, improvements and adjustments to processes and strategy: a dynamic process that improves over time.

In addition to incorporating new data, Alice always reviews, renews and improves predictive models, based on their variables and behavior, on previous results and on factors that influence results, such as seasonality, changes in scenery, among others.

With Alice you have:

  • Action recommendation through prescriptive analysis, determining the best movements for a company.
  • Development of customized, preventive and corrective actions focused on problem groups


Alice’s application goals align with your business goals and solving your specific challenges. And from there, the platform works with available data and new data in a dynamic and cyclical way:

  • Identification of business questions connected to the most important challenges.
  • Historical analysis of different aspects – customer habits, consumption, profile, actions taken and their results
  • Application of variables, comparisons and crossings
  • Multidimensional assessment of the impact of different factors on performance – more than their isolated role, how they operate in combination, also considering time and costs
  • Development, construction, application and operation of powerful analytical models, which predict the potential effectiveness of new strategies and actions, including in scope, expected result and financial viability

Alice goes beyond reporting and cross-referencing: it incorporates the multidimensional analysis of the impacts of variables, the probabilistic view and the focus on each objective of each business – in an accessible way and with constant improvement!


Alice is able to develop, build, apply and operate powerful analytical models, which enhance the use of information – for analysis, decisions and implementation of actions , continuously generating actionable knowledge and improving over time.

Consistent, well-built, dynamic and updatable analytical models…

  •   Facilitate the integration of artificial intelligence into the business
  •   Transform your data into real strategic intelligence assets
  •   Identify root causes of business problems
  •   Anticipate, define, and improve corrective actions based on data
  •   Maximize the use of data from different sources
  •       Improve processes, reduce costs and optimize investments

With Alice, your company has tailor-made analytical models and has pre-built models, based on in-depth knowledge of market segments or recurring use cases, to be adapted to your reality – so you have the most current in technical expertise and descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis, adapting to your needs and objectives with ease, agility and fluidity.


Alice has a growing repertoire of pre-built predictive and prescriptive models, which answer key questions already identified with companies from various segments in Latin America. They speed up the solution’s adherence to your organization’s objectives and add to your business a wealth of comprehensive knowledge and value verified in several successful experiences.

Each approach to real and recurring business cases converts into a pre-built model that, once adapted to the specific strategy in each scenario, is applicable to different companies in the industry.

Meet some of them:

  • Probability of non-renewal
  • Probability of cancellation or abandonment
  • Satisfaction and experience rating
  • Evaluation of successful and unsuccessful services
  • Financial contribution margin index
  • Missing portfolio and probability of use
  • FCPS Advice [Fair • Comprehensive • Profitable • Smart]
  • Favorability index
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Management of complaints and non-acceptance of offers
  • Customer experience drivers management
  • Customer segmentation for various purposes
  • Segmentation customers by products
  • Next best offer [NBO]
  • Churn
  • preferred channel
  • Customer lifetime value [CLTV]
  • Pricing
  • Banking scoring
  • Income Estimate


With Alice, Artificial Intelligence is no longer something distant and starts working towards its results. Create a knowledge-rich management environment – accessible and applicable to actions, route adjustments, new challenges and much more!

Alice already brings tangible results to several companies. And the expertise of the solution itself also benefits from this: Alice is always evolving, with more and more behavioral and market knowledge and the evolution of pre-built models, with a growing repertoire of hypotheses and insights. It is analytics really focused on the best results and that integrates with your business.





Implementation that adapts to your company

Alice’s technologies have excellent usability, with simple interfaces that make them easy to use. In addition, they allow a very high level of integration with other tools – which is essential for analyzes that go beyond the intersections and incorporate the impacts of variables, probabilities and the specific focus of your business.

Alice is an innovative platform, 100% open source and decoupled, with independence between the software modules. Can work with any source to embed data and continuously extract modeling from each business; and can align with many tools for exploring data and everything needed for predictive and prescriptive analytics. Your company’s investments in technology assets can be reused and integrated into the platform.


An ideal platform: simple, functional, and intelligent, to solve business challenges based on data and generate exponential results.

Brand image, sales, customer satisfaction, productivity, better service, demand forecasting, logistics optimization, launches, product development, knowledge and audience acquisition, risk prevention: for any scenario and segment, count on the support of a complete solution.



Welcome to dataland: artificial intelligence for business in your hands and much more security in decision making.

You can find several solutions for data analysis on the market: there are artificial intelligence applications for retroactive analysis (historical view of the existing scenario). There are those that do predictive analysis (starting from the historical view to predict future trends). And there is Alice.

Alice goes beyond descriptive and predictive landscapes: she aligns the use of AI with strategy, in a dynamic, deep, and sophisticated way. As? always indicating the best paths to follow, based on multiple data and the possible impact of different variables. That is, it is actionable knowledge, which is transformed into decisions and actions.

Alice is a unique combination of features, in a modern, safe solution that makes the difference – from real problems to exponential results.



Apply knowledge. Make the best decisions. Multiple possibilities.


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